Resident Commissioner

In June of 1990, Mrs. Laura Villarreal became a Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville (HACB) resident at the Buena Vida Development and immediately joined the Buena Vida Resident Association. She currently serves as president of the Buena Vida Resident Association and the Resident Advisory Board (RAB), actively represents the HACB residents, and participates in all projects led by the HACB. In 2016, Mrs. Villarreal was recognized as a community liaison and as an actively engaged resident in the Buena Vida Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant. She is also an active member of the Club de Oro, an HACB initiative that supports and provides activities for senior residents; and a founder of the Club de Oro Saturday Breakfasts. Mrs. Villarreal is very proud of being the first HACB resident to become a US Citizen under the HACB partnership with Proyecto Juan Diego.