Human Resources

Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville, Texas


The Human Resources /Risk Management Department provides multiple resources to promote and support the staff, residents, and community of the Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville, Texas (HACB).

Human Resources Services include: Recruitment, Employment Processing, Orientation/Training, Administration of Employee Benefits, and diverse employee activities.  H.R.’s outreach also includes support services for conflict resolution and other employee issues by promoting HACB’s established ethics, policies and procedures.  As a Liaison between management and staff, HR facilitates change, fosters teamwork, and promotes morale to afford a safe, healthy and productive workplace for HACB employees.

Risk Management Services include: Loss Prevention, Safety Orientation/ Training, Risk Management /Processing of Claims, and Administration of all Insurance Policies, including Worker’s Compensation.   Loss Prevention is a core objective for the HACB to prevent resident, employee and agency losses while providing and maintaining decent, safe and sanitary housing for our residents.

The Human Resources/Risk Management. Department of the Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville, Texas,  is committed as an essential and effective partner of this agency’s organizational strategies, opportunities, and challenges.

Robert Wilson, Director

Human Resources/Risk Management Department