Scholarship Opportunities

The cost of furthering your education can seem overwhelming. Paying to attend college or a trade school is not as difficult as you may think! There are many, many resources available. The key is to PLAN AHEAD.

  1. TXNAHRO provides scholarships each year to deserving high school seniors, graduating in the Spring following this application deadline, and who are currently living with their families as Public Housing or Section 8 program residents.  Click on the Texas symbol below to apply.

 TXNAHRO Deadline:  February 22,2020

2. PHADA Scholarship Program

In order to encourage academic excellence and community responsibility among high school students, PHADA has implemented a scholarship program for graduating seniors who are preparing to enter college. PHADA will award three scholarships to deserving youth currently residing in a PHADA member agency. Click below to apply.

PHADA Deadline: January 31,2020

The HACB Resident Scholarship Program:


The Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville established the Resident Scholarship Fund in late 2002 for the benefit of all HACB Public Housing Residents and Housing Choice (Section 8) participants who are planning to attend an institution of higher education.  In September 2008 the Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville Board of Commissioners and approved and adopted the “Scholarship Policy.” The scholarship serves as an opportunity for those individuals who have a desire to further their education but lack the adequate financial means to accomplish this goal. The scholarship is designed to inspire these individuals to work toward becoming independent and economically self-sufficient members of the community.


Applicants for HACB  scholarships must be:

  1. A current HACB public housing resident, Housing Choice (Section 8) participant children and HACB Employee children.
  2. A graduating high school senior.

Note: If you are currently attending or attended a post-secondary school previously, you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater (transfer credits are not considered in this GPA).

For more information and applications, contact, Sergio Lara, Youth Programs Coordinator at 956-214-1555 or email:

Students can also search for national scholarships and apply.  We encourage all high school students to apply to all scholarship applications on the links below.